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Sanding & Polishing

* Inspect, Repair, Clean: Repairing damaged or loose floorboards. (If necessary) Using first a nail punch and punching down all the nail heads. Filling the holes with wood filler . * Floor Sanding : ( 3 ~ 5 Times): Belt Sander, The Trio, Edger, Orbital Machine sanding with coarse, medium and fine paper to a smooth, even surface. Removing sanding dust from the entire surface by vacuum. Hand Scraping Corners and Inaccessible Places.

* Polishing (3 coats applied)Inspecting the entire area of the floor to insure that the surface is acceptable for finishing. Buffing and cleaning the floor between applying each coat. Completely free from sanding dust and perfectly clean . We only use products of the best quality


There are several distinctly different ways to alter the colour of your timber floor.

The first is to directly stain the bare timber to your desired colour. This method provides the most dramatic transformation for your home. It gives both you, and I, the greatest amount of control as to what colour to have on the floor and how opaque or transparent we wish the stain to be. We can pretty much make the floor any colour you wish. It's all up to your imagination.

The second method is to simply add some stain in with the polyurethane as we apply it to the boards. This can create a pleasing effect and gives the floor much more depth than a clear coat alone can achieve. However, it is quite limiting as to how dark, deep, or what colours can be utilized. The

tinting method can be used to create an aged effect on new, light coloured boards with beautiful results.

Timber Instalation

We provde the proffessional timber intalling service in wide range of methods . Direct stick to the concrette floor or on the plywood sheet with secret nails.   

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